Normal or Nuts? - 1st edition

We all have quirks. Some of us (Ruth) have more than others (Nadia).

our gear (so far):
Blue Microphones Yeti Ultimate USB Microphone - Silver (YETI) + accessories

These were all super hard to Google. . . I couldn’t find anyone who mentally mows the grass on the sides of roads. . . Lots of people wear socks all the time, and the reason I get angry when my feet aren’t in socks is probably because I have some sort of mild sensory issue, and since I’ve gotten so used to socks over the years, that only enhances my dislike of any other texture.

The best explanation for my “speeding up” and “slowing down” experiences is that it’s a partial seizure. It also seems to be hereditary, though no one in my family has experienced this, to my knowledge.
I couldn’t find anything about those spilt-second feelings of anger/depression. The closest thing I could find was panic attacks. For some people they last for very short periods of time.
And the self-conscious-when-turning-on-fog-lights-when-there’s-oncoming-traffic thing? Yeah, I think that one might really be just me.